My Dream Career

My dream career, as of now, is to become a Web Designer. Web Designers, as the name goes, write the code for the background of a website and design the looks that make it professional and appealing.

Web Designer Requirements
Starting Salary ~$60,000
Education Requirements 1-5 years of experience in IT, programming
Job Growth 22%

In order to become a Web Designer, I would need to attend a university known for software engineering and programming. This university would be Texas A&M, as it has one of the largest engineering libraries in the United States.

Texas A&M Facts
Address Raymond Stotzer Parkway, College Station, TX
Student Body Around 45,000 enrolled
Enrollment Requirements Minimum 600 SAT math, 27 ACT
Tuition Around 10,000 a year

The following resume shows my current qualifications.