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Today is Valentine's Day. It's the day people are supposed to express their feelings of affection to another individual with gifts and favors. The most commonly known symbol for this so-called love is the cartoon heart. I am certainly not fond of this day. It's not because I've experienced some loss in a relationship or something. It's not because of all the silly colors associated. It's because of the very concept behind Valentine's Day.

I have two grudges against this day. To clarify, I do not absolutely hate Valentine's Day; I simply do not like it. A lot. Also, I do not look upon others who participate with disdain. I'm fine as long as they leave me out of it. My first grudge is this: the point behind the day. We are told to indulge in our feelings and such. I see this as a sign of corruption. What is love? To me, it is not the affections between a teenage boy and girl. Love is a bond, a commitment, a choice. It goes beyond our superficial, lackluster logic of love. The definition commonly accepted by the people for love better fits lust. So, Valentine's Day is over lust. I am not in favor of lust.

Secondly, think about what happens on Valentine's Day. We plan events, maybe make reservations somewhere, buy flowers and perhaps a treat of some sort, and go on from there. So, why would this day be instituted as an official, national holiday by the government? What do we do on Valentine's Day? Spend. Money. Marketing opportunities. This sounds cynical and extreme, so I guess that makes me a reasonable person. Stores and businesses make a lot of money off of Valentine's Day, something based off of the wrong ideals and such. Since we should technically participate in a "Valentines Day" every once and a while (like taking out a spouse or something to a fancy place) why make a specific day just for that? Money. Drives us, it does.

I do not like Valentine's Day, but I do not hold any disdain for those who do. That is their opinion. This is mine. A relationship should be slow (not fast) and based on principle. It should be serious. It should lead into what real love is. Almost none share this view, whether they admit it or not.

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Posted 15 Feb 2012 03:58