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Often, I think about why we, as humans, as people, do certain things. For example, why do we get angry over petty things? I understand there are some who don't, but a majority of people can get in an argument over almost anything. I know this from personal experience. What's interesting is that these petty arguments tend to be the most heated. I usually look back at these arguments, wondering why I had become so mad.

We, as people, have strange quirks and can do things that seem to make sense at the time but do not later. I have problems with taking initiative on important things, such as work or my Bible study, yet relaxing is very easy to take initiative on. This lack of taking action is notoriously known as procrastination. When I was younger, procrastination was a big problem, despite all of the good work I always managed to pull off. I remember starting a project on the night before it was due. That was the worst case, but procrastination has always seemed to find a way to get me.

I have been improving greatly since. While I still procrastinate, it's been watered down enough to where it doesn't really make an impact. With this experience, I now look back on those past memories, wondering why I procrastinated, why I became angry, why I couldn't seem to stop some unwise action. Looking back at these shortcomings will not do any justice if we don't fix the problems.

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