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Today, my first week of high school has ended. I'm excited for the next, what, 31 weeks of school. My new high school is different than other schools I have seen or attended. It's more integrated, community based and friendly. I like it.

School is an interesting aspect of a fortunate child's life. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend school, yet many kids who do get schooling under-appreciate this gift. Yes, school assignments and tasks can get tedious and time consuming, but if you have time to play, you have time to work. Work is not a bad thing, and school isn't even really work.

School is really a way to make kids think about education and information rather than just teaching. It's like a child's career in this world: he/she works the job so that they are ready to enter the main work force later. This is why I do not like it when adults of varying experiences explain to us kids that we don't really know anything since we're not in the 'real world' yet. I do not understand this concept. Is my life not real? I know it is, so the world I live in is real. It may not include economic or political infrastructure of a nation, but it certainly includes life and citizens.

School is my current career. I get paid $0 a month, yet it's worth it. I'm going to enjoy this year.

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